ICDEC-2022 :: Final List of Accepted Papers (subject to strict adherence of Springer's plagiarism policy)

List of Accepted Papers for Oral Presentation:-

Serial No Paper ID Title of the Paper
01 8 Development of new E-Learning Portal for Indian students
02 9 In As-Si heterojunction vertical TFET based hydrogen gas sensor
03 14 Elucidating the Inhibition Mechanism of FDA-Approved Drugs on P-glycoprotein (P-gp) Transporter by Molecular Docking Simulation
05 23 Correlation Analysis of Stock Index Data Features using Sequential Rule Mining Algorithms
06 25 Lesion image segmentation for skin cancer detection using Pix2Pix: A deep learning approach
07 27 A CRF-based POS tagging approach for Bishnupriya Manipuri language
08 29 Testing a 6 Axis Force-Torque Tactile Sensor for Robotic arm
09 31 Design of optimum n-bit ALU using crossbar gate
10 32 An Online Testing Technique for the Detection of Control Nodes Displacement Faults (CNDF) in Reversible Circuits
11 35 ASER of Dual-Hop DF Relaying Systems with Coherent Modulation Scheme and MRC at Destination over Fisher-Snedecor F Fading Channels
12 36 A fog computing-enabled IoT framework for automated outdoor lighting system
13 39 Motion-based Representations for Trajectory-based Hand Gestures: A Brief Overview
14 42 Improved PI-PD controller for Industrial Processes
15 44 Text and Language independent classification of voice calling platforms using deep learning
16 47 An approach towards detection of Doubling print defect using SSIM algorithm
17 48 Modeling and Characterization of Propagation Delay of Negative Capacitance Field-Effect Transistors
18 49 Outage Probability of a DF Relay Assisted Communication System over Mixed Nakagami-m and Weibull Fading Channels
19 52 ML based PCB classification with Gabor and Statistical features
20 53 Automated cervical dysplasia detection: a multi-resolution transform based approach
21 54 Component Adaptive Superpixel based Joint Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Image Classification
22 57 Compact Multiband Bandpass Filters Using Substrate Integrated Waveguide and Fractal Resonators
23 63 Simultaneous prediction of hand gestures, handedness, and hand keypoints using thermal images
24 64 A fast restoration of weather degraded images
25 73 IFS: An Incremental Feature Selection Method to Classify High Dimensional Data
26 74 Computer-Aided Identification of Loom Type of ethnic textile, the Gamusa, using Texture features and Random Forest Classifier
27 75 A Triple band Reconfigurable Filtering Antenna with High Frequency Selectivity
28 76 Spanning Cactus in Windmill Graphs
29 80 Multi-Level Feature Based Sub-Cellular Location Prediction of Apoptosis Proteins
30 84 Effect of Noise in Khasi Speech Recognition System
31 85 A Study on Users Sentiment from Twitter Data and Stock Market During Russia-Ukraine War
32 87 The identification of chromatin contact domains (CCD) in Human genomes from ChIA-PET data using graph methods
33 88 Convolutional autoencoder based models for image denoising: A comparative study
34 91 Prediction of COVID-19 Drug Targets Based on Protein Sequence and Network Properties Using Machine Learning Algorithm
35 92 An Application of Anomaly Detection to Financial Fraud Using Machine Learning
36 94 Capacity Analysis over Shadowed BX Fading Channels for Various Adaptive Transmission Schemes
37 95 Performance comparison of L-SC and L-MRC over various Fading Channels
38 101 3D Thermal Modelling of SiC-Avalanche Transit Time Oscillator Under Large Signal Pulsed Operating Conditions
39 102 A Meta-Consensus Strategy for Binarization of Dendritic Spine Images
40 103 Pap-Net: A patch-based multi-scale deep learning framework for nucleus segmentation from Pap smear images
41 105 An Ultrathin Multifunctional Polarization Converting Metasurface with Wide Angular Stability
42 106 A Pre-processing aided Deep Transfer Learning Model for Human Object Detection in Crowd Scenarios
43 108 Multivariant Statistical Tools And Soft Computing Methodology Based Hybrid Model For Classification And Characterization Of Yeast Data
44 109 Source Camera Identification Using GGD and Normalized DCT Model Based Feature Extraction
45 111 Performance Evaluation of Different Deep Learning Models for Breast Cancer Detec-tion in Mammogram
46 114 Recent challenges and opportunities of Multi-lingual Natural Scene Text Recognition and its Real World Deployment
47 116 Malignancy Identification From Cytology Images Using Deep Optimal Features
48 117 3D Point Cloud Based Hand Gesture Recognition
49 122 Study on bacterial inhibition effects of undoped and Cu-doped Zinc Sulphide nanoparticles and hence to design a memristive sensor for E.coli
50 132 A Learning Model for Channel Selection and Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks
51 134 A Compact Miniaturized Implantable Antenna for 2.45 GHz ISM band Application
52 135 An IOT Enabled Real-Time Vital Physiological Parameter Monitoring System To Monitor Cardiac Patients Remotely On A Daily Basis